What Is Manuka Honey, And Why Is It Everywhere Lately?

If you are someone who frequently visits health food stores or has a passion for natural medicine, you may have noticed a trend lately. Manuka honey, also often sold as "raw manuka honey" seems to be popping up all over the place, and customers are buying it. So, what is manuka honey, and why is it everywhere all of the sudden? Take a look. What Is Manuka Honey? Types of honey are usually named after the plants whose nectar is used to produce the honey. [Read More]

A Coffee Blend That Will Support Your Fitness Goals

Consuming a fat-burning coffee blend can support your fitness goals. Black or green coffee beans are rich in antioxidants and low in calories. Drinking a cup of coffee before a workout will speed up your metabolism and help you maintain your focus throughout each physical activity that you participate in. Coffee Beans And Fat Reduction Black coffee beans have been fully roasted. In their raw form, beans are a greenish hue. [Read More]

Strawberry Kiwi Jam? Buy The Big Jar

When you come across strawberry kiwi jam for sale, it will often come in jars of multiple sizes. You might want to buy a small jar if you're not sure whether you'll like the jam, and if you're unable to sample it first. But if you know you like strawberry kiwi jam, then you should strongly consider just buying the larger jar of 8 oz. strawberry kiwi jam. Here are some reasons why the big jar is usually the better buy. [Read More]

Making Salad Dressings With Avocado Powder

Are you tired of always using the same salad dressings? Bottled dressings can get a little boring over time, and you can only get so much mileage out of homemade vinaigrette. If you're ready to kick your salad dressing routine into a new gear, then it's time to start making dressings from avocado powder. They come out creamy and delicious and with all of the benefits of the healthy fat in avocados. [Read More]