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Consider Adding These Types Of Products To Your Natural Food Shop

If you run a natural food shop, you might be looking for ways to bring in more customers. You could, of course, host some seminars, offer samples, and hand out coupons to bring existing customers back again. These are all good options, but if you really want to grow and maintain a client base, there is another approach to consider: expanding your product line. If you add the following types of products to your natural food market, you may soon notice more people walking in the door.

Essential Oils

Essential oils seem to be everywhere these days. Some people use them for aromatherapy. Others use them topically for skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis. Many people who are interested in eating a natural, healthy diet are also interested in using essential oils. So, if you offer a good line of essential oils, you may attract more customers who buy both oils and food from you. Make sure you sell a brand that offers a good variety of oils as they all have different purposes and benefits.


Teas and herbal teas are technically food as people consume them. And some herbal teas do tend to have health benefits. For example, spearmint tea can help manage hormonal acne. Chamomile tea can help people calm down and fall asleep. It's not always easy to find these specialty teas in the average grocery store, so if you offer them in your health food store, you'll likely attract plenty of customers.

Locally Raised Meats

Not everyone who is interested in health food eats meat. However, those who do will often prefer meat from healthier, more natural sources. See if you can find a local farmer or two who are willing to let you sell their meat in your store. They may also be willing to provide dairy products or eggs for your store. Some of your customers may already be buying their meats from these local farms, so you'll be saving them a trip. Plus, stocking these items shows that you are dedicated to supporting other local, small businesses, which can appeal to customers who share that goal.

If you run a natural foods store and are trying to expand your client base, adding the product lines above can help. If you would like more ideas, consider talking to some of your current customers. Ask what other items they would like to see added to your shelves, and act on their feedback.

Check out local natural food market stores to learn more.