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Rural Homes And Water Quality: 4 Essential Systems To Ensure You Have Vital Water Resources

Rural properties often have limited resources available from conventional utility companies, which means they need things like water wells, waste treatment systems and fuel storage. Wells in some areas can have problems with quality and availability during certain times of the year. Here are a few of the essential systems that a rural property needs for vital water resources:

1. Drilling Water Wells and Choosing the Type of Pump System

Choosing the best location to drill a water well is important, and the choice of water pump is just as important. In some areas, using a jet-type pump is fine, but in some areas a submersible pump is more ideal. In areas with hard freezes during the winter months, submersible pumps will be protected from freezing and the weather. In areas with mild weather, a pump that is located above ground will be easier to maintain and do repairs to.

2. Supplementing Wells with Rain Collection Systems and Large Storage Tanks

When you live in a rural area and rely on well water, there may be times when the well is dry or you have problems with the equipment. To ensure you do not go without water when there is an issue with well equipment, supplement you water supply with a rain collection system. The rain collection system can provide water to use for things like irrigation, cleaning and outdoor chores, while the well water can be used for domestic uses inside your home. Using larger storage tanks will give you more water for use around your home.

3. Water Filtration for Different Types of Uses Around Rural Homesteads

Having clean water for your home is important, which is why in addition to well equipment, it is a good idea to invest in filtration systems. Simple filtration solutions will help to deal with problems like hardwater in the well. For water quality issues, you will want to invest in a more complete system for potable water. The water purification systems can also be used with rain collection systems if you have issues with availability of water in the well during certain times of the year, such as the dry season in desert climates.

These are some of the vital water resource systems that a rural home needs. If you need help with the installation of these systems, contact an emergency water container service like WaterBrick International to add water storage for your resource needs.