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Three Tasty Subscription Box Ideas To Drive Your Bakery Business

Subscription boxes provide a great way to introduce customers to your goods, and they also make it easy to reach customers from outside of your local area. By getting creative with subscription box ideas, you can help build your business and give customers across the country a literal taste of what you can do. Here are some ideas for inspiration as you begin brainstorming subscription box ideas.

Bagel Of The Month

Help customers stock up on a classic breakfast staple every month with a bagel subscription. You can choose two or more flavors to highlight each month to give people delicious choices. Consider using the time of year as a guide to help plan out the bagels by month. For example, in the fall, you might offer a pumpkin spice bagel, and in the spring, a sweet or fruity bagel recipe might be perfect. Work with local vendors to add sample-size packages of cream cheese, spreads, or other toppings to add extra goodness to the bagels shipped in subscription boxes. By supporting other local businesses, you can help grow your ties to the local community while building your subscription box business.

Cookie Club

Getting a box of sweet treats is always a delight, and freshly baked cookies are perfect for your subscription box business. Work with your team to create cute designs for sugar cookies, such as tulips for the spring and American flags for July, to add a fun touch. Consider adding three or more different types of cookies to the mix, and use brightly colored cellophane wrappers to add to the fun look. You may even want to wrap large cookies individually and put a sticker with your bakery's name on them. This way, customers can share the cookies and spread the word about your bakery simultaneously.

Bread Basket

Of course, bread is also a wonderful option for a subscription box program. A monthly bread basket featuring two or more different types of loaves can be a great treat for customers. Work with a local printer to create sample menus of sandwiches that can be made with each type of bread. These menus can be collected by your customers to create a sandwich cookbook they can use for inspiration when preparing lunches. You can also use the connections you've made creating the bagel boxes to get samples of condiments and other toppings that pair perfectly with the bread you'll add to the subscription boxes.