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Three Alternatives To Morning Coffee

If you are trying to kick the coffee habit, then you have probably thought about alternatives to drinking your morning coffee. And while it can be a big change, especially if you're someone who was used to drinking lots of coffee before you head out to work, there are alternatives. The choices below will be a mix between beverages that have caffeine and those  that have none. Here is a selection of choices.

Herbal Tea: Caffeine Free Solutions

If you want something that is hot, but don't particularly like decaf coffee, but really don't want caffeine, then you should look at something such as an herbal tea. These can be made from anything from peppermint leaves, to chamomile leaves. If you want something that is soothing for the morning (perhaps you're the type to be tense before a big meeting) then you should choose the chamomile tea. If you want a bit of a kick, then you can try the herbal teas that have mint and berries. To experiment, you can get a mixture of tea bags and try them all out.

Green Vegetable Smoothies

If you are looking to go really healthy, then you might want to skip right to green smoothies. These are made from vegetables such as kale, and they also include apples and pineapples. You can either make these yourself or you can go all out and buy a blender and make your own. Many people who really enjoy smoothies and get into making them every morning with fresh ingredients. If you want to do this, you are going to want to get a really strong blender that is designed to make smoothies, not a simple blender that is only designed for things such as frozen drinks. If you get a standard blender, then you won't really get a nice blended smoothie. There will be bits that are not broken down completely.

Darjeeling Himalayan Tea

If you do want some caffeine, but don't want to continue to drink coffee, then you should get some really nice Darjeeling Himalayan tea. This is a perfect morning pick me up. It has a beautiful, subtle flavor, and it won't set you on edge. It's also great if you are the type of person that likes to get involved in appreciating fine food and drink. There is a whole culture surrounding fine teas, almost like what you will find with wine. You can get into tasting the subtle notes and flavors, which is a very cool experience.

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